The GoldenBoys


An inventive LA inspired approach to Chinese flavors

Although the GoldenBoys grew up in vastly different places, having the ubiquitous ‘Chinese Food’ family dinner was always a special occasion.  Chefs Midkiff and Pritchett take their experiences dining in the red lacquer and jade palaces of the East Coast, the humid and rowdy shophouses of Southeast Asia, and the humble San Gabriel Valley Mom and Pop restaurants and filter it through the farmer’s market produce and mindfulness of Southern California. 

After much research and development, these enterprising Chefs have taken the initiative with GoldenBoys-a moveable guerilla Chinese popup restaurant.  The GoldenBoys met as Sous Chefs at Son of a Gun, with Midkiff moving on to work at Red Medicine and Sous Chef at Sambar, and Pritchett at Waterloo and City, then Corporate Chef for Mendocino Farms, and Chef Consultant for various local restaurant groups.

The family style set menu is a 7 item mash up of traditional Chinese fare and LA -centric cooking with dishes like Kung Pao Mock Eel, umami laden braised shiitake mushrooms fried crisp and tossed with cashews, chilies, and smashed cucumbers, Peking Duck Ciccioli with Prawn Crackers, Koji and Masterstock Jasmine Rice and cumin laced Xi’an Style Hand-Pulled Noodles with al Pastor Lamb. Rotating specials like the Crispy Orange Chicken Sandwich with Tiger Slaw, the Daily Dumpling, and Smoked Brisket Beef Roll are available a la carte.


Reservations can be secured by purchasing tickets 


Walk-in customers are always accepted depending on availability, vegetarian options are available with advanced notice.